Breakfast Reading Calls


August 18, 2013 by Dragonfly Diva

Yesterdays Daily Prompt suggested writing down ten words and choosing three, which creates the name of your post.  I feel the urge to write today so I thought what the heck…let’s give it a try.  The hard part was following the directions to be random in writing down your words – the first ten that come to mind.  My mind does not like random, it likes organized well thought out selections.  But I persevered and was pleased that my list was a bit random, even if it was constructed of elements of my quiet early Sunday morning.

So, now I have a title that I can really work with because, even in the randomness, it has meaning that extends beyond the boundaries of merely a title.  It tells you all a bit about me.  I can be a voracious reader.  It calls to me and I can become lost in the activity.  For example, yesterday I was not feeling well.  Not sick mind you, but weary almost to the point of being able to say I was exhausted.  So I set few goals for myself for the day.  It was a nice day, and by the time late afternoon arrived I had only two remaining goals.  First to get the last load of clothes I’d put in the dryer out and put away, transferring sheets from the washer to the dryer, and second to spend time on Amazon going through the Top Free 100 Books listing and downloading some new material to my Kindle.  I must have downloaded about a fifth of the books on that list, and even ventured over to the Top 100 paid books and found one for $1.99 that I could not pass up. (Yes, I hate paying to read something!) And then, on to the Kindle to complete the download and start reading.  I read for the rest of the evening!  It was so relaxing and enjoyable.


So this morning, since I got 96% of the way through a book last night, it is calling to me, wanting me to finish reading it.  And I shall, while I eat breakfast.  I’ve known some people have thought it strange that I like to read while I eat, and yes, I know that it is not always good to do so, as you lose track of what, and how much you are eating.  As someone who could shed a few pounds, I know that being present in the moment while eating is an important part of engaging in the activity from a healthy perspective.  But heavens, when a book calls, one must answer!

And for me it doesn’t always have to be a book.  I distinctly recall as a child of reading the cereal box while having that morning bowl.  If I read all the kid friendly stuff on the back panel, I’d move on to the front and side panels, searching out all the text, looking closely at pictures, and yes, even reading the ingredients list, trying to sound out all those long seemingly made up words that are vitamins and minerals and preservatives.

cereal box ingredients

Do you read like that?  Or are you a reader who only wants to read when necessary, or if a book is really good?  I’ve been known to ready some pretty badly written ones.  Rarely do I not finish a book I’ve started.  Well, o.k..  When it comes to reading for school, there are some scholarly articles and books out there that will put even the best of people to sleep, and I’ll admit that I read at those.  Just enough to get the gist of intent.

So, after writing this, I must go.  Breakfast Reading Calls.  Especially when a good cup of coffee and homemade scones are waiting with the last few pages of a decent read – Where I End and You Begin, by Andra Brynn – to keep me company.

reading while eating


One thought on “Breakfast Reading Calls

  1. […] Check your email on your phone?  Play Words with Friends?  Check out friends’ statuses on Facebook?  Have you ever in a really long line resorted to reading the back of the boxes and bags of food in your cart?  (Yeah, I’m guilty of that one.  If you don’t understand that go read my last post about reading at breakfast.) […]

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