When You Look Really, Really Close…


June 23, 2013 by Dragonfly Diva

sand heart

I recently saw a picture that immediately made me think about the differences among people, and the hidden aspects of personality, perspective, beliefs, wishes, dreams, experiences, life paths and so on that makes every one of us a unique being.  That picture was one of magnified grains of sand.

sand magnified

Look at that picture!  I mean, on the surface it’s hard to believe that something, which when scooped up in our hands and sifted to fall back to earth, feeling smooth and uniform – grains of sand – is actually made up of pieces parts that are of various sizes, shapes and colors.


Magnified even further, its possible to see the intricate details of each grain, the swirls and microscopic pin holes that may be a part of that grain from its creation, or might be a result of damage that mere existence in the world has wrought.  And so it goes in the human world as well.


That got me thinking.  How closely do we look at one another?  How hard do we try to learn the under the surface, not easily seen by the naked eye aspects of those around us?  Is it possible to get to those infinitesimally small parts of what makes us, us?  And, if we can get to them, do we possess the ability to gain perspective and truly understand the impact of that human facet on the whole being that is the person?  What questions must be asked, what conversations held, what observations made to achieve that understanding?

Sometimes I try to achieve this with those around me…especially those closest to me, and others I often believe that a bit of mystery is best.  So while I have learned much through life about those around me, I enjoy the fact that I don’t know everything about everyone.  It is like sitting on the beach now.  As I sift the sand through my fingers, I now think about the fact that each grain is unique, even though my eye cannot see those differences.  Occasionally I might try to keep a grain in my palm, bringing it closer to my face to peer intently at it.  In that effort I can see more clearly its differences and in that moment I’ve gained something new and exciting.  Then looking at the billions of grains around me I know that I still have much to learn throughout the rest of life’s journey.  And that folks, is awesome.  Knowing that potential to find out more about one another exists everywhere, every day.  If we were all exactly the same that potential would not exist.  Nothing new to discover, no give and take and tug in decision-making, no reason to explore.  How sad that would be.  I, for one, am thankful that we are diverse and unique.


One thought on “When You Look Really, Really Close…

  1. Erik Andrulis says:

    And despite all that diversity, there is such sweet unity. Seeing myself in every single face – the infinity of faces – is a beautiful sight indeed.

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