Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

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April 3, 2013 by Dragonfly Diva

This week’s photo challenge on The Daily Post is to capture a Dragonfly Diva day in photos.  So here it is my Saturday before Easter dance through life!

As you can see I’m learning/experimenting with wording on photos, so these photos taken with my iPhone are labeled with a new App that I downloaded recently. Saturday was my second day of a 10 day stay-cation.  Being about half way between the December holidays and summer, the first week of April is a good time to sit back, relax a bit and get some DIY or crafting projects done.

My day started out playing with the new app while sitting in bed.  Later on in the morning we headed out to get some last-minute shopping done before Easter Sunday.  What we thought would be a quick trip to get a problem fixed on my husband’s cell phone, turned into leaving it at the store and running across the street to grab a quick lunch.  Yum!  Pulled pork sliders and fries.  After lunch and picking up the now properly functioning cell phone, we headed to the grocery store.  It was a beautiful spring day – cool but very sunny, and we were both glad to get out for a while. Groceries for a couple new Easter dishes safely stored in the trunk we headed home.

At home we caught a glimpse of our son, as he streaked through the room, hoping that many junk-food purchased had been made.  He wasn’t willing to stick around for a picture for Mom’s blog, especially since he was shooed away from the groceries quickly…his bunny basket goodies were included in our spoils.  Next in my day came laundry, three big baskets full.  While pictured here are the clean clothes, the part I loathe the most – folding, hanging and putting away, was on the to do list.  Fortunately, my husband is always willing to lend a hand which made the job go quickly.

After dinner and some early prep for Easter dinner treats, it was “me time.”  On to the treadmill I went to read the next installment (2 miles worth) of the book I’m reading.  I have to say, that this graduation gift to myself has been a true highlight in my days the past two months, and it has not only gotten me working on my next goal – a healthier weight and stress level – but has gotten me back into reading for pleasure, something that was woefully brushed aside during my three years of Grad School.  Loose limed and re-energized, I was ready for some relaxing on the couch.

Later after we finally got the teen to go to bed, the Easter Bunny relocated the goodies to a basket for his morning delight.  That Mommy duty that I’ve enjoyed for so many years, is no longer a covert activity – he knows that big rabbit really doesn’t bring treats overnight, but he’s not quite willing to give up getting chocolate and other treats on Easter morning.

It was a busy Dragonfly Diva dance-y day in our neck of the woods….what does a day in your life look like?


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