Why the Dragonfly?

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February 4, 2013 by Dragonfly Diva

You may wonder “Why dragonflies?”  Well, for whatever reason I have loved dragonflies for many years.  Their name conjures the image of something fierce, something you would not want to mess with.  If you look deeper though, you will see that a dragonfly is delicate and beautiful in nature and certainly appears harmless.  I’ve had many encounters with them over the years and they seem to fly up and check you out, then realizing you are too big to deal with – off they go.  Their hovering, darting dances just capture my attention and I’ll watch till they are out of sight.  Guess you can tell I really like them, huh?  So once I decided to start a blog, and figuring I didn’t have a particular topic that I wanted to blog about, to use as a theme and a title, I wanted to make the blog representative of me – so dragonflies and their dances it is!  As I thought about how to explain why I chose them I wondered what dragonflies might symbolize.  So I did what everyone does…I Googled it! 🙂  Wow!  I was amazed at what I found, and somehow feel that it is not just coincidence that I am drawn to these creatures, as their symbolism mirrors the discoveries I’ve made about myself over the past several years.

Dragonflies symbolize change.  Change of perspective and understanding of the meanings throughout life’s journey.  Dragonflies symbolize power and poise.  Their agility and the innate power of their wings is considered something that one possesses only with age and maturity, yet they are simplistic, and graceful in their approach to life from within that power.  Dragonflies symbolize the defeat of self-created illusions.  Their wings and bodies are iridescent, so they look different depending upon the angle you view them from.  It is believed that this is an uncovering of one’s true self through removing self-doubt and inhibitions and engaging in self-discovery.  Dragonflies symbolize living in the moment.  Its adult lifespan is short, so its time flying and exploring the world is rapid and focused on the here and now.  By living in the moment one is aware of who they are and where they are, what they want and don’t want, and choices are determined from that fully focused perspective.  Dragonflies symbolize the opening of one’s eyes.  They have the ability to see 360 degrees around them.  This uninhibited view allows for rising above past ways of being and thinking and viewing the world.

All of these symbolic aspects of dragonflies remind me of…well me, and the journey of my last few years.  I have undergone a tremendous amount of change.  I see life through a different perspective than I did in the past.  I have learned how strong and capable and well, yes, powerful I am.  Yet I am trying to learn to remain simple in my approach to life, and still see myself as a graceful and delicate creature, within that powerful framework.  I am all about self-discovery.  I am intensely introspective in nature and always feel that I could be doing something better or different.  I am trying to live more in the moment, letting go of trying to shape the future to far in advance.  That one is definitely a work in progress, which I’m sure I will update here frequently.  And finally, I feel I am rising above my past perspectives, approaches and thoughts on life.  I totally identify with the symbolism of the Dragonfly.

Last year, for the first time I received a word to focus on for the year, from a friend whose study group passes them out.  Last year my word was simplicity.  I spent the year trying to approach everything from the simplest direction possible, whether it was a work task, being a Mom, a wife, a friend or daughter, or dealing with an internal personal struggle.  When I was successful in this, I found that solutions came easier and I was much less stressed that if I was trying to unravel every facet of every part of life.  This year, I didn’t get a word, because my friend – such a lucky lady she is! – was embarking upon a round the world cruise.  So I “found” myself a word.  This year’s word is enlightenment.  I’m seeking to enlighten myself to what the world has to tell me and what life has to each me in each moment.  Simply writing this post has been enlightening, because now I know why I am so drawn to dragonflies.


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